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Alibrandi Impianti

From being established in 1906, the present day Alibrandi reflects the integration of two companies Alibrandi & C. S.r.l. & M.C.N. S.p.A. into one single unit in 1993. The merger brought together two firmly established organisations with extensive experience in steel, mechanical fabrication and construction coupled with the maintenance and commissioning of mechanical and electrical works for marine and oil & gas facilities. We have considerable and varied experience in Libya and in many other countries, completing major projects on time and within budget. Together with our partners we form a formidable organisation that can cope comfortably with the most demanding of customers.

The company’s history is impressive building a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. The company has evolved and added different services and is looking forward to renewing old and building new relationships in the promotion of these. The current leadership is determined to build upon those traditions and take the company forward into this exciting new phase of its progression / development.

Growth and Success via a determined focus on continuous improvement.

     1)    Customer Satisfaction

      2)    Operational Excellence

      3)    Technical Competency and Innovation

      4)    Financial Performance

To excel as a high-performance growth-oriented international service company.


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